About Us

The Eric Cohen Student Health Center offers a full range of medical services in primary and specialty care, counseling services, and disease prevention.

The ECSHC staff believes in a team approach to support students with individualized, evidence- based care to ensure mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. They strive to foster an energized environment of continuous improvement, camaraderie and mutual respect, through communication and recognition of our staff’s dedication to service excellence.

Conveniently located on the Health Sciences Campus adjacent to the Keck Medical Center of USC, the Eric Cohen Student Health Center serves those students who are registered for classes at the health science campus and who have paid the student health fee.

Effective July 1, 2008 student health service at the Keck School of Medicine was completely reorganized under USC Care Medical Group, the faculty practice organization. This reorganization resulted in a new location for the program, new furnishings, new management, a completely new group of physicians, reorganized staff, new services, new hours, and new governance. This reorganization of the program was the result of extensive meetings with the deans of all programs represented on the Health Sciences Campus, faculty members, and students. The leadership of the student health program on the University Park Campus of USC was also involved. A Student Health Steering Committee was established with the Dean of the Keck School of Medicine as Chair. The Steering Committee is delegated to approve policy and procedure, approved budgets and to establish priorities and goals.

Today, the Eric Cohen Student Health Center aims to provide the best possible care in the most confidential and welcoming environment. Maintaining student’s physical and mental health and well-being continues to be the primary role of the Eric Cohen Student Health Center. It serves the students of the Keck School of Medicine, USC School of Pharmacy, Nurse Anesthesia, Physician’s Assistant, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy students as well as the Masters and PhD students on the USC Health Science Campus. Core primary care services are provided by a full-time, family physician and the medical director working on a part-time basis. The medical director reports directly to the chief operating officer of USC Care Medical Group, Inc. The two primary care physicians do not have faculty responsibilities outside of the student health center. The physicians are supported by five medical assistants and specialty services include dermatology, gynecology, and dietetics. Mental health is served by a counseling department composed of 1.5 FTE counselors and a part-time psychiatrist Basic imaging services are covered under the student health fee and are available through the department of radiology located in the building next to student health. Yearly TB testing and bloodborne pathogen exposure testing are also covered by the student health fee. Further costs are handled by patients’ individual insurance. In general, continuous health and patient education is promoted by emphasizing preventive services and quality care. The Eric Cohen Student Health Center is happy to serve the students of USC’s Health Science Campus.

Data from Fall 2016 Steering Committee
ECSHC Steering Committe 2016-10-06