Complaints and Grievances

According to Keck Policy, A grievance is, “a formal, written or verbal grievance that is filed by a patient, when a patient issue cannot be resolved promptly by a staff present. Any allegations regarding quality of care or premature discharge shall be defined as a grievance for the purposes of the policy”. Keck Policy 6-111. Students can express complaints and grievances in the following ways:

  1. Verbal Feedback – not anonymous
    • Face to face expression or telephone to a staff member or physician
  2. Written Feedback – can be anonymous
    • Complaint box located in lobby
    • Email submission
    • Patient/Family Grievance form
    • A Written Letter
    • The patient/family may file a concern or grievance with the state Department of Public Health
      Services, the Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the Office of Civil Rights,
      and/or any other body overseeing the operations of the facilities.
  3. Satisfaction Surveys – can be anonymous
    • Satisfaction surveys are sent to all students receiving care at Eric Cohen. Students can express any concerns through this online survey.