Every effort has been made to ensure that your involvement with psychological services at the Eric Cohen Student Health Center is a valuable experience. We recognize that it is sometimes difficult to acknowledge a need for help and we support your doing so by trying to make accessing the services available to you as easy and stress-free as possible. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our program.

The Eric Cohen Student Health Center offers counseling services to all registered USC students on the HSC campus free of charge. Counseling services are provided by four psychologists and a licensed clinical social worker available during all business hours. You can make an appointment for services by phone or in person. Only follow-up counseling appointments can be made online via MySHR.

The Eric Cohen Counseling service closely follows the short-term counseling model. We serve the academic mission. In that sense, our objective is to get students to a level of functioning with whatever difficulty that they have in order to provide an opportunity for them to achieve their academic goals. This mission is very distinct from a clinical facility where the goal is treatment and recovery. Our interventions emphasize such things as wellness, coping, resilience, self-care, insight, etc.

When you call to make your initial appointment, you will be scheduled for an intake appointment for an hour and a half. You will need to fill out the counseling intake forms on your MySHR. Once you check in, you will be asked to fill out two surveys on your MySHR. You can fill these surveys out on iPads that we provide or you can fill them out using your laptop or smart phone. Once those are completed, the counselor will call you back for your appointment. Any future appointments can be scheduled by phone, in person or online and will last about an hour.


Students may see the counselors at the Eric Cohen Student Health Center free of charge. Interventions are typically “short-term” in nature meaning the presenting concerns can be adequately addressed in a finite number of sessions in order to have the student functioning at a level that they are able to manage their academic tasks and demands. Eric Cohen Counseling does not have a set number of free sessions per year for all students, however due to the short-term model, the finite number of sessions per student is discussed individually with the counselor.

If you need to see an outside psychologist, you can receive a referral by making an appointment with one of our counselors. Students who are covered by the USC Student Health Insurance Plan may receive up to 25 counseling sessions per academic school year with an outside provider. Under this plan, students are required to pay a 10% co-pay up to $30.00 for each session if seeing an in-network provider. If you have a different insurance plan, please determine your benefits for “outpatient psychotherapy” with your insurance carrier benefit representative.