Media Files & Links

The Counseling department at the Eric Cohen Student Health Center encourages students to engage in wellness practices. This may include visiting medical and counseling providers for guidance and information as well as incorporating preventive practices into daily routines.

When students are unable to visit a provider, we encourage them to visit the sites below. Many of these sites provide downloadable material that you may carry on your phone or mp3 devices.  Some of these exercises and techniques are less than 5 minutes. Take a moment to learn about these techniques and incorporate them in to your weekly or even daily routines.

Guided Meditation Podcasts

Meditation Oasis

Downloadable MP3 files

Right click on the link and select “Save Link as…”

15 Min – Breathing – Allen

15 Min – Breathing – Trudy

15 Min – Meditation – Bonnie

10 Min – Meditation – Steve

2 Min – Sleep Technique – Steve

Short Breathing Awareness Exercise

Short Breathing Technique

Short Muscle Relaxation Exercise

Short Peacful Focus Exercise

Short Relaxation Exercise

Short Relaxation Exercise_2

Short Sleep Technique

Links to files

Breathing Guides – Dr. Dan Siegal

Wheel of Awareness Tools – Dr. Dan Siegal

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Youtube

For more downloadable loving-kindness guided meditations, please visit Insight LA’s website or UCLA’s website. Also, here is an article on the scientific benefits of loving-kindness meditation. Enjoy!