Group Outreach

In an effort to promote wellness, the Eric Cohen Student Health Counseling Department has implemented mindfulness as part of a group outreach for the benefit of our student population. Mindful awareness has been shown to improve one’s ability to lower stress (note that lower stress is linked with better physical health), improve focus, to slow down cortical rhythms (which is linked to mental health), improve awareness and performance, and has benefits for sleep.  It involves paying attention to the present, with acceptance, without judgment.  It invites us to stop, breathe, observe, and connect with our inner experience.

Dr. Brinell Anderson heads this outreach program and works with the academic programs at HSC to coordinate the delivery of mindfulness group seminars at a convenient location and time for students. If you would like to participate in group mindfulness seminars, please call the ECSHC to find out if there is one scheduled. If there isn’t, please contact your academic program administrators and inform them that you would like them to work with Dr. Anderson to set up a time and place for these group seminars.