I do not have the USC health insurance. Can I still be seen at Eric Cohen Student Health Center?
Yes, you can. You pay a mandatory health center fee. This allows you to see our physicians and counselors free of visit fee charges. However, you will have to pay any fees for vaccines, blood draws, and procedures. Please see the price list.

I do not have the USC health insurance. I know it’s free to see the physicians but how will I get prescriptions covered? Can I get my prescriptions covered?
Your prescriptions will get covered depending on your insurance company. You are welcome to come by the Eric Cohen Student Health Center and consult with the physician regarding a medication. If he/she prescribes the medication, they can either send it the USC Pharmacy across the way or can send it to the pharmacy of your choice. Once you are at the pharmacy, your insurance benefits (whether it’s the USC insurance or your own private insurance) will determine the price and the amount covered. Please contact your insurance company as find out if they will cover medications prescribed by physicians at your student health center.

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My deadline to submit my health clearance pack is [—–] but I am unable to meet that deadline. Can I turn in my paperwork later?
Yes, you can. However, if you submit your paperwork after the deadline, we cannot guarantee that you will be cleared in time to rotate at a facility. Please submit your paperwork as soon as possible.

I had a physical done two years ago. Is that still valid?
No. We need a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner to fill out the form in your health clearance packet.

I had titers done three years ago. Are they still valid?
Yes they are. Titers show us whether you are immune to a disease. We just need proof that you were tested for immunity to Hepatitis B, Varicella, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella at some point in your life and that your results came back positive. We don’t need them done at a certain time.

Why do I have to pay the health center fee for the summer?
Not everyone has to pay the health center fee for the summer. If it shows up automatically in your financial bill, it is because you are registered for summer classes. All students registered for summer classes are automatically charged the summer health fee.

Can I purchase the health center services for the summer?
Yes, you can. Fill out the summer eligibility form and drop it off at the health center. Your signature approves our health center to charge your financial account for an agreed amount. You can also pay a fee for service charge per visit if you are a continuing student or a recent graduate. More information here.

I’m taking summer classes, how does my insurance work?
If you purchased the USC health insurance in the Fall for an entire year or in the Spring for the rest of the year, you are covered until August. If you are taking summer classes, your are eligible to use the health center and use your insurance until August. If you are not taking summer classes, you do not have to pay the health center fee. If choose to not pay the health center fee, you can use your health insurance with any Aetna providers. Remember that you have a $450 deductible. Please go to www.aetnastudenthealth.com/usc and click on “find providers” to find an Aetna provider in your area. YOU DO NOT NEED A REFERRAL DURING THE SUMMER TO SEE A PHYSICIAN OUTSIDE OF THE HEALTH CENTER.

I waived the USC health insurance for the Spring semester, do I need to waive it out for the summer semester as well?
No. The Spring and Summer semesters are combined.

How do I get a Gardasil vaccine?
The Gardasil vaccine is given in three different appointments. Your first appointment needs to be with the physician. The last two appointments can be scheduled as nursing visits.

I am applying for away rotations. How can I get your signatures?
We are happy to sign off for your away rotations. Please fill out as much information as you can and then drop off the applications at our health center. It takes us 48-72 hours per application . If we do not have a heavy load of applications, we may do it sooner but please understand that we have multiple applications coming from many students. Submit them to us as early as possible.

Are my x-rays free?
If a physician at the health center ordered a plain film x-ray and you went to radiology in HCC II, we will pay for it. If you received a referral to get an x-ray at any radiology facility, your insurance benefits will determine your out of pocket costs.

I want to get an IUD. What do I have to do?
An IUD procedure requires a three-step appointment process. You need to schedule an initial appointment for consultation. Your second appointment will be scheduled for the procedure. The third appointment will be a follow-up checkup. Dr. Skripkus, Dr. Grier, and Dr. Shoupe are the only physicians available for the IUD procedure.

Why can’t I access my MySHR?
If you graduated, the university automatically disables your access to MySHR. If you are still an active student, please contact Joe House at (323) 442 – 5713 for further assistance.