Travel Clinic

Step 1: Travel Clinic Consult

Students can make an appointment through the Eric Cohen Student Health Center to see a Pharmacist for a Travel Clinic consult as part of the health center fee. Regardless of a student’s insurance, an appointment made through ECSHC for a travel consult will be part of the health center fee. This consult is MANDATORY if students would like to receive their travel vaccines at the ECSHC.

The travel clinic consults are available on Thursdays between 9:30 AM to 11:45 AM and 1:15 PM and 3:30 PM.

Step 2: Travel Vaccines

Students can receive their travel vaccines at the ECSHC only if the vaccines were ordered by our travel clinic. You need to make a separate appointment to get the travel vaccines after you received your travel clinic consult. Please do not expect to receive travel vaccines such as yellow fever or typhoid simply because you read that those are the vaccines that are recommended for the country you are traveling to. Our medical assistants need to have an order from our travel clinic to be able to administer any travel clinic vaccines. Please see our price list for prices of the vaccines. If you have Aetna Student Health Insurance, the yellow fever and typhoid vaccines will be covered at 90% and you will have to pay 10% out of pocket after you receive those vaccines. If you don’t have the Aetna Student Health Insurance, you will have to pay for the vaccines out of pocket. We do not bill for other insurance companies.

The travel clinic vaccines can be administered on any day as long as a student has already visited the travel clinic. Please make sure you have a separate travel vaccine appointment with our health center. Remember, one appointment with the travel clinic and another appointment with our medical assistants.

How to Make an Appointment

Please call (323) 442-5631 to make an appointment for the travel clinic consult and then a travel vaccine appointment. Each one of those appointments is scheduled for 30 minutes each. So please set at least an hour aside for this entire process. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE APPOINTMENTS ONLINE AS AN MA VISIT. Appointments made online for travel clinic may not be honored as the travel doctor may not be available at that time.


If you have Aetna Student Health Insurance and would like to know more about your coverage while you’re out of state, please contact Valerie Hill at the University Park Campus Insurance office at (213) 740-9355.