Women’s Health

Women’s health care is offered by two primary care doctors, a physician assistant, and two gynecologists. Please see staff here.

The ECSHC primary care team is available for contraception counseling, well-women visits, pap smears, STI testing, and other concerns women may have. They are available during all business hours and appointments to see them can be made online, in person, or by phone.

The ECSHC gynecology team is available for procedures such as ultrasounds and colposcopies. Unfortunately, their hours are very limited and appointments to see them must be made either by phone or in person. Please note that medical students cannot make appointments to see Dr. Shoupe.


Contraception by Mail

If you would like your contraception mailed to you, you can ask our providers to send your prescription to The Pill Club. You need to register for an account with them first and you will only be responsible to pay for any co-pays your insurance requires. You do not have to pay for shipping. For more information on this program, click on their website.

Birth Control That Really Works from UCSF Bixby Center on Vimeo.


Intrauterine Device (IUD)

If you have chosen to get the IUD placed, you will need to make three appointments.

  1. Make an IUD consultation appointment with any primary care provider. Lab tests and medications may be ordered.
  2. Make an IUD placement appointment with either Dr. Skripkus, Dr. Grier, or Dr. Shoupe.
  3. Make an IUD follow-up appointment with any provider.

*IUD prices vary by brand. If you have Aetna Student Health Insurance, the price of the IUD will go directly to Aetna and you will not have to pay an out-of-pocket cost. For those with private insurance that would like to get the IUD placed at our health center, you will have to pay for the IUD out-of-pocket and then submit the receipt for reimbursement to your insurance company. The out-of-pocket cost for an IUD can range between $600 – $800 and must be paid at check-out.


ECSHC providers are able to prescribe Diaphragms. Test units are available for patients to use. To learn more about the Caya Diaphragm, please click here. Please see video below for information on how to use the Caya Diaphragm.

Oral Contraceptives

If an ECSHC provider has never prescribed an oral contraceptive for you in the past, please make an appointment to see any of our providers to get a prescription. Once that prescription is created and you just need a refill from one of our providers, please contact your preferred pharmacy so that they may send our health center a refill request form via fax to (323) 442 – 6030.

Other contraception methods

Please make an appointment to see one of the ECSHC primary care providers. If you prefer to see a gynecologist for this, please call the ECSHC for an appointment. At your appointment, the provider will discuss your concerns and together you will find a contraception method that works best for you. Your chosen method may or may not be able to get ordered or placed that day.

Pap Smears and STI Testing

The ECSHC primary care team is available for pap smear and STI testing. Prices for these tests vary by the type of test ordered. Please consult with your provider in order to find out what tests you need, how much they would cost, and if your insurance would cover the price.