Summer Waiver Process

DPT Hybrid Online Students ONLY

All DPT Hybrid Online students will be charged $576.00 for summer health insurance coverage between 6/18/2018 – 08/12/2018. If you have insurance that meets the university requirements and would like to waive out of the university sponsored Aetna Student Health insurance, please complete the steps below by July 6, 2018*.

  1. Read about the enrollment/waiver criteria.
  2. Go to Aetna Student Health
  3. Log in using your USC Net ID**
  4. Choose Satellite Campus / Distance Online Learner and enter your information.
  5. Follow prompts and enter necessary information.
  6. Wait for a confirmation email that your waiver was processed.
  7. If the waiver is approved, you’ll be notified via email. The waiver will be good through 08/19/2019.
  8. Go to your MySHR and upload a copy of your insurance card under the “insurance card” tab.
  9. The $576 will be removed from your financial account and you should not see insurance fees for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.
  10. Remember to fill out a waiver again for Fall 2019!

Some of you contacted Sylvia Carabante to waive out of the summer insurance. If she approved your waiver, you will not be charged the $576 HOWEVER you still need to complete the process as described above to waive out of the fall 2018 and spring 2019 insurance fees.

*The 06/01/2018 deadline to submit a waiver was not correct. Please note you have until 07/06/2018 to complete a waiver for the summer insurance.

** If you are not prompted to log in with your USC Net ID, please make sure that 1) you registered for classes and 2) you activated your USC Net ID. You can activate your USC Net ID here.

All Other Summer Programs

Please contact email to find out more information on how to waive out of Aetna Student Health Insurance for the summer semester only. To waive out of the Aetna Student Health Insurance for the Fall or Spring semester, please follow instructions here