Optional Dental Care Plan

Students have the option to enroll in the Delta Dental PPO plan if dental insurance is needed. Students can sign up for this plan only once a year in the fall semester. To decide if this plan fits your needs, please see the quick tips below and the Delta Dental Summary Plan

Quick tips:

  • The fees section of the Dental Plan Summary indicate how much Delta Dental will pay for that service. You will then pay the difference from what the Delta Dental Provider is charging and Delta Dental is paying.
    • For example, Delta Dental will pay $20 for a sealant – per tooth service. If a Delta Dental Provider charges you $35 for that services, you will have to pay $15 out of pocket ($35-$20=$15).
  • Delta Dental will cover the following five specific services at a higher rate at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry Faculty Practice. Basically, it’s cheaper for you to get the following services at the USC Faculty Practice. If you get anything other than the following five services at USC Faculty Practice, it may be more expensive than with other Delta Dental Providers.
    1. comprehensive oral evaluation – new or established patient
    2. comprehensive periodontal evaluation – new or established patient
    3. intraoral – complete series of radiographic images
    4. bitewings – four radiographic images
    5. prophylaxis – adult (teeth cleaning)
  • For all other services, please find a Delta Dental PPO Provider. It will be cheaper for you to get all other services with a Delta Dental PPO Provider. You can look for one here.
  • To see what you’re covered for, please check the Dental Plan Summary
  • Please go to the Delta Dental website and register for the online services to print your ID card and learn more about your coverage.